third person isn't really my strong suit, nor is showcasing my own skills. but they're all there, I promise

Seb is a self-taught, highly organized senior engineer and senior manager with 15+ years of experience managing high performing projects, people, and teams in the DevOps, IT, MSP, Customer Support and Success, and Software Engineering spaces. Adept at infrastructure, networking, systems design, operations management, cross-functional collaboration, and finding the root cause.


  • motorsports: strategies, teams, vehicles, noise
  • 3d printing: firmware, tuning, assembly, upgrade
  • home automation: protocols, hardware, customization
  • media servers: codecs, transcodes, streaming, storage
  • trucks and trailers: driving, trucking, towing, racing
  • electronics: hacking, testing, augmenting, upgrading
  • music: drumming, bit/sample rate, editing, looping