Bucket List

things I have wanted to do ever since there have been things worth doing

I wrote this in my early 20s and have been adding/replacing things as time passed, but it still feels like it was written by a child.

This is a forever-growing list of things Seb would like to do before he dies.
Things will be added or changed as they are thought or completed.
  • Create online bucket list
  • Skydive solo
  • Skydive with a wingsuit
  • Paraglide/paramotor
  • Watch Formula1 in Montreal
  • Watch Formula1 in Austin
  • Watch Formula1 in Mexico City
  • Watch Formula1 in Singapore
  • Watch Formula1 in Belgium
  • Buy a new car
  • Buy a sports car
  • Buy an exotic car
  • Buy a house
  • Work for a tiny company
  • Work for a huge company
  • Work for yourself
  • Learn to play drums
  • Learn a programming language
  • Invent something
  • Market your invention
  • Competitive wheel-to-wheel race
  • Travel to Canada
  • Travel to Mexico
  • Travel to Venezuela
  • Travel to Japan
  • Travel to Italy
  • Travel to Germany
  • Travel to London
  • Travel to Spain
  • Travel to Switzerland
  • Travel to Sweden
  • Evade police
  • Get arrested
  • Drive Laguna Seca
  • Drive Thunder Hill
  • Drive Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Drive Pike's Peak
  • Drive the Autobahn