I’ve lost count how many times I’ve started a blog on this domain (and others), only to abandon the project entirely a short time after getting everything set up. I think the “novel experiences” part of my brain absolutely loves setting everything up and getting it going, only to have a complete lack of interest in follow-through if there’s nothing new to experience.

Once the fun stuff is configured, the techy stuff, I never really want to keep up with writing. What am I going to write here that hasn’t been said already? I guess I could take those “novel experiences” and turn them into something original, here.

Maybe. We’ll see what happens.

The primary reason for doing this is the realization that I’ve obliterated my online presence by getting rid of social accounts that seem more toxic than helpful. As far as most social sites are concerned, I don’t even exist! In an effort to stamp my online presence back into the internet of garbage, here is my one-way communication with the world: the ramblings of an engineer on a generic dot com which, itself, has no real content.

You’re welcome.