By all internet standards this is old news, but BattleBit Remastered is fantastic and is my latest obesssion. This game has all the good stuff with none of the bad stuff. Okay, some bad stuff, but so much good stuff that it completely outshines the bad. Developed and published by just a few people listed on the BattleBit Remastered Steam store page, they’ve managed to come up with a 127 vs. 127 multiplayer first-person-shooter with environmental destruction and detalied gunplay that rivals all triple-A titles to date. In no particular order, some comments:


Everyone is convinced this game looks like Roblox, and they’re right. BattleBit Remastered does not have any next-gen graphics with which to speak, and that seems to be entirely intentional. There’s not much to say here except that the graphics convey only what they should and just vaguely represent real-life objects through overall shape and color-shading. The upside to the plainness is that it’ll run on just about any PC even remotely close to being “gaming” spec: the requirements are low, and the frames per second are high.

Voice Chat

Proximity voice chat for both teams is absolutely critical here. Some of the best moments would never have happened without it. Have a listen to what happens when this player encounters two enemies, one dead and one AFK:

Plenty of other examples in that video. You might be surprised to find out that some games do not let you talk to the other team, or only let you talk to your squad/party, or don’t allow voice chat at all. Excuses for not having basic communications in AAA games are plentiful. This game shows them that it is possible, and on a grand scale.

Land, Sea, Air

In a game where you might legitimately have 254 players in the same server, having a wide variety of vehicles is always a bonus, but covering all 3 major modes of transportation and having different seating options for each type is bonkers. Check this out table compiled from Fandom data:

Vehicle Type Mode Seats
Gas Tiger / Humvee Truck Land 4-6
M1 Abrams / T90A Tank Land 3
Quad ATV Land 2
LAV-25A1 / BTR-82 APC Land 9
RHIB Boat Sea 5
BlackHawk / KA60 Heli Air 12
LittleBird Heli Air 2-8
Hermit Heli Air 2-8

This table isn’t huge, but keep in mind that each entry might have multiple varieties (with guns, without guns, etc), multiple instances per team, and any working vehicle can be operated by any player on the map at any time, or all at the same time.

Summing it up

There’s more to this game, right?

Oh, absolutely. I just don’t want to write it all up and spoil everything. If that video that I didn’t make and the fancy table with data that isn’t mine didn’t convince you to play BattleBit, nothing will. This is a game without a lot of artificial limits, which is rare these days.

Go check it out here:

I don’t have any affiliate links or anything. They aren’t paying me for this. I just like the game. I’m an adult who is nearly 40 with a wife, a kid, and a job that take up a majority of my time. This game still managed to suck 65 hours out of my life.